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1st Bingham Driving School is independent and has been owned by Russell Jones for two decades. It offers exceptionally high quality driving lessons in Kneeton and Local Areas. Operating in a niche market for learners who are seeking only the best, and nothing but the best driver training, so they become safe drivers and not merely being able to pass the relatively simple driving test. More expensive than other driving schools, but very well worth it according to former successful learners and their families, who say, ´high quality training is priceless when lives are at stake´.

1st Bingham Driving School tailors it´s tuition to the individual student´s needs, so you can be taught at the best pace to suit you. It has the only instructor in the area with the highly prestigous DIAmond Advanced Instructor & Examiner qualifications, and who also has considerable military/police special operations driving experience, so you know your training will be of the highest quality.

As well as providing driving lessons Russell has also been a consultant and contributor to several research projects into ´safer driving´, and he has participated in conferences and seminars in the EU, Middle East and North America. With regards to ´safer driving´, he´s a prolific author of ´letters to the editor´ of newspapers & magazines, and has won prizes for some of them. He has also contributed to radio and television programmes on the same theme.

He is a very staunch advocate of ´Driver Education´, and by incorporating it into his lessons has enabled his drivers to achieve an unparalled success rate consistently in the region of 90%+, with the number of them achieving a totally ´faultless´ drive now into double figures. ´Driver Education´ has been lamentably absent in the traditional British method of training drivers, where people are taught just enough to pass the test and are then expected to learn afterwards through trial and error, which results in extraordinary high numbers of young drivers crashing soon after passing their driving test. He and his learners are currently engaged in a research project with the world reknowned Transport Research Laboratory,(TRL), on behalf of the DSA/DfT, into the future of driver training in the UK. The first results are expected to be known in the summer of 2012.

By having a very comprehensive knowledge of the Road Traffic Act regulations, and importantly, how it is applied by the authorities in relation to minor infringements committed by drivers, he has been able to advise several parents of his learners how to successfully appeal any further action being taken against them, by identifying mitigating factors to support their defence, after they had received official notice of the alleged offences. With the proliferation of cameras being used to enforce regulations, it is important for drivers to understand that the subsequent photographs do not always give the ´full/true picture´ of the circumstances, and by carefully explaining the mitigating factors, drivers can very often find the cases against them being dismissed without further action, as it would be unreasonable and ´not in the public interest´ to proceed with the case. Many cases which are progressed further very often end with no penalties being awarded due to ´special reasons´ being pleaded by the driver and being agreed by the Courts. Just one very, very, good reason why being well versed in ´driver education´ is absolutely essential for all drivers.

There is much to learn from Scandinavian methods of teaching people to drive, and Russell has visited driving schools in mainland Europe and also Canada & USA to study and learn from them. It is expected that the Department for Transport will incorporate some form of ´Driver Education´ into the the new, and eagerly awaited, ´Modernising Driver Training´ programme in how British drivers learn to drive.

In addition to standard driving lessons, 1st Bingham Driving School also offers Driver Training to those wishing to take the DIAmond Advanced Test, and Driving Instructors wishing to gain the much coveted DIAmond SPECIAL Driving Test award (the highest award outside the Emergency Servcies). Russell is also an authorised Examiner for both tests. He also prepares drivers for; RoSPA Gold award in advanced driving; Foreign drivers needing familiarisation with the British road system, especially roundabouts, before they are issued with their company car; People applying for a career with the emergency services but needing to brush up their driving standard to enhance their prospects of acceptance.

Having lived and worked in British military communities overseas on several occasions (totalling more than 12 years), he has very considerable experience of driving ´on the right side´ of the road, particularly in Germany where he was concerned with roads traffic policing of the military and their families when they drove on the German roads. When collisions occured, as they did, he was a collision investigator and acted as coroner´s officer collating evidence for subsequent inquests in the UK. Thus he is eminently qualified to provide comprehensive driver training / driver education to people who wish to become ´safe drivers for life´, and is also able to provide drivers with an insight into the different driving technique/style before they embark on holidays to foreign countries, or going to live there, as has been the case on occasions. He is also experienced in ´close protection´ security procedures and can offer advice and bespoke training to someone travelling to places where there is a risk to their well being. Examples include people who have gone to South America and certain parts of Africa.

  • Driving lessons Kneetonand surrounds
  • DSA Approved Instructor + DIA Advanced Driving Instructor
  • Theory Test preparation with superb in-car hazard perception training
  • Daily, or Weekly lessons or (very!) special intensive courses
  • You are guaranteed to drive at least 20 miles and change gear over 100 times during your first lesson!

Learn with 1stBingham in Kneeton and you will be taught by someone who has an unrivalled wealth of experience as an, instructor, trainer, coach, and assessor; you will comprehensively learn both Driver Education and Driver Training skills so that you will become a confident, very competent, very responsible, and very SAFE driver.

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